ARBOR TRW 90 LS 80W-90

ARBOR TRW 90 LS 80W-90


Lubricant with Extreme Pressure (E.P.) features for the hypoid and non hypoid gears of axles, and final drives of tractors, particularly suitable for normal and self-locking differentials fitted with limited slip systems, farm machines and earthmoving machinery.

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TRW 90 LS is a lubricant obtained owing to the use of special additives which allow it to combine Extreme Pressure E.P. features with high “limited slip” properties to warrant the utmost functionality of the differential with no slipping and vibrations. >> TRW 90 LS also possesses very high capabilities of protecting the gears of the above parts, particularly hypoid ones, against the extreme pressures to which they are subjected which could cause damage to the teeth. Also high are the demulsive and antifoam properties needed for removing the heat generated by the friction between gears, keeping their temperature under control.

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